Street Lights

The street lights and the traffic lights tell stories. When I was visiting my childhood home on Pierce Street, in Pittsburgh, I woke up at 5 AM and went outside. It was a lonely early morning, very quiet until the tranquility was interrupted by a freight train coughing along as it always does. Living next to the train tracks has a special kind of ambience. Now that I have been living in Los Angeles for almost 20 years, I still see whimsy in the city lights. I am still painting these urban spaces, looking for the most direct way to make a poem without words.

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My first serious attempt at making a painting was when I was 14. I wanted to paint an urban environment, I found a photo from National Geographic and it reminded me of Pierce Street, the street that I grew up on in Pittsburgh,PA. I was living with my guardian Joan Brindle at that time and attending Fox Chapel Junior High. Years later, while attending Tyler School of Art, I found myself making a painting from the window that faced Cheltenham Avenue in Philadelphia, PA. The Atlas Transmission Station was located across the street, I could see it from the window in my first apartment.

Cities from Long Ago

Above: a painting by me at age 14

Below a painting I did at age 21.